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Even though my intentions were good when I started this blog almost three months ago, I finally realized there’s only one of me. Much as I’d like to do the Mulitiplicity thing, I have no clones, or clones of clones. So three blogs, plus a website, just was too much. So I’m just leaving the hypothyroidism blog alone now, though the information I’ve shared will remain available, but everything else has been combined at the new address.

Hope to see you there! 🙂


If you’ve already seen this on my Facebook page, I apologize for the repeat. But it’s just too funny to not share with those who haven’t seen it yet…

Yeah, nothing says romance quite like a man feeding his wife brownies made with stolen marijuana…

I would love to hear from you about some less than romantic things that have happened to you. Just let me know in the comments section below.


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It’s never been a secret that I find Robert Downey Jr. to be extremely sexy. I’ve even watched his Sherlock Holmes movies and believe me…prior to those, I had zero interest in Mr. Holmes. No offense to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, he simply wasn’t my cup of tea.

Robert Downey Jr., however, is…and I love his Tony Stark/Iron Man character. I love his sarcasm and rebellious nature. Possibly because I tend to be sarcastic and rebellious myself, but it could be that we women, many of us anyway, tend to have a thing for the ‘bad boy.’

But is the bad boy perfect?

This is where I put my vote in for the wholesome, boy next door, white knight hero.

In other words, Captain America.

Don’t agree with me? Okay, I give you exhibit A:

When The Avengers needed someone to take charge, to save the world, who did they choose? Steve Rogers. Why? All of the members of the team brought some amazing talents and strengths to the table, so why choose him?

And here I give you exhibit B:

To put it simply, Steve Rogers was a real hero – before the world recognized him as one.’

Yup, the little ninety-eight pound, asthmatic weakling could always be counted on to do the right thing. And he did it without expectation of  any sort of recognition or reward.

The only problem with Steve Rogers is…he isn’t real.

But his character does set a standard that real men could aspire to. Seriously. A man doesn’t have to look like Chris Evans to the kind of hero every woman dreams of. Even as a scrawny thing, one who was turned down by the military time and again, there was still something about Steve Rogers that a real woman…Peggy Carter…was attracted to.

Every man has that same potential. No matter who they are right now, being a pretty much perfect hero – the kind that women love – all boils down to having a strong moral compass, being kind, compassionate, considerate, and…like it or not…just being a plain, old fashioned gentleman.

Just a side note… That last shot in this video is the same one I took a screen shot of when I was watching The Avengers DVD on my computer. It’s now my desktop background. 🙂


Okay, so you don’t have to vote the way I would…


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As promised, here is the first scene of my new novelette, Holding On To Yesterday, part one in the Wishes In Time series. If you like what you read here, and would like the rest of the story before it’s published in book form, all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter by clicking on this link. There will be at least two more novelettes for this particular story, and probably four. With each new one, I will only post the first scene on the blog, with the rest to follow for subscribers only.

Because of the timing, installments will be sent out bi-weekly through February25, 2013, with publication on March 4. Hope you enjoy the story.  🙂

  The raindrops pelting his face felt like the stings from a thousand ravenous fire ants as Kyle clawed his way across the spongy, water-soaked ground. A gale force wind pushed against him almost as though it were a living thing, determined to keep them apart, and yet he pressed on, inch by hard won inch.
  Still, he couldn’t get close enough to save her. He never got close enough. All he could do was watch, helpless, as she lay there dying, impaled by an impossibly huge tree limb. Its branches and leaves covered her like a shroud, leaving only her face, and one lifeless hand exposed.
  “You killed us.” Rather than being drowned out by the hellacious storm, Maggie’s soft accusation drifted across the distance, echoing in his head, cutting his heart in two. Blue eyes, filled with sadness, locked with his as she watched him fighting against the elements, determined to change the outcome this time.
  “No! I didn’t mean to,” Kyle cried, his hands fisting in the grass. Tears streamed down his face as he tried to explain, to make her understand. “I couldn’t get there in time, Mags. I was too late. I’m sorry! I’m so sorry.”
  “If you had ever wanted us, we’d have been home where we belonged. We’d be there with you now. Our daughter would be two years old.”
  Kyle had never understood why she always talked about a baby, but this was the first time she’d identified it as a girl. Why did she think they had a daughter? Because she’d desperately wanted to start a family? Because he hadn’t been ready, and he’d robbed her of the one thing she’d desired most? The pain that squeezed his chest felt like it might crush him. Thinking of a child in generic terms had somehow made it not as bad as it could have been. But – a daughter?
  Would she have had Maggie’s silky straight chestnut hair? Or would it be more like his, sandy blond with a tendency to curl? Her blue eyes, or his brown? If they’d had a daughter, she would be walking by now, maybe even talking so he could understand her.
  If he hadn’t killed Maggie. Killed her dream.
  The vision before him changed slightly. Instead of just Maggie lying there, he could see a pair of tiny legs sticking out, the head and torso hidden beneath a canopy of leaves. In a sick way it reminded him of the witch killed by a house in the movie about little people and a dancing scarecrow.
  Only it was his family who had been crushed by a falling limb during the storm. The family he could have had, only he’d hurt and chased them away because he hadn’t cared enough to make them his own. Freedom had mattered more to him in that one crucial moment than anything else. Even though he’d realized less than a day later that he’d been wrong, it had been too late. Before he could get to her, to tell her that she was his everything, to beg her to forgive him, she was gone.
  “Think about us,” Maggie whispered, as the vision wavered and began to fade.
  “No! Don’t leave,” he begged, reaching out to try and stop her. “Maggie, stay with me.”


There are a couple of definitions. Times long past, and the good old days. That might explain why the composer of the song chose to go with auld lang syne. Maybe I’m just too tired, but at 5:45 a.m. (I haven’t been to bed yet), the other two choices just don’t flow well with the rest of the lyrics.

Yes, I’m a day late in wishing you a very Happy New Year…but everyone was doing that yesterday. I wanted to be a little different. (We’re just going to ignore the fact that I’ve been on a 2-day Once Upon a Time binge – and couldn’t pull myself away from Prince Charming, Graham, and August)

Because it’s so late, or early (depending on your perspective), I’m going to keep this a little short. If you have a few minutes, listen to one of my favorite musical groups. In keeping with the pretty much perfect heroes, I think the talented young men from Straight No Chaser fit right in. I mean…they’re cute. They’re wearing suits and ties. And oh buddy, can they sing!

Again, Happy New Year to everyone! And I’ll see you Monday with the first scene from the novella. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter if you want to read the rest of the story, because the first scene is all I’ll be posting on the blog.

In case you noticed, I did change the way I was going to offer the story. Because I don’t want to be a pest, I’m taking a poll. Would you like the story in weekly installments, bi-weekly, or once a month for three months? I’ll go with what the majority prefers. Thanks!


While I’m not giving up on my other blog, I feel like the time has come to take it in another direction. At least to have something more fan/reader centered, and I think this is what I need to do.

This blog will be strictly about my writing, while I use the other one for what I’ve always done…and that is simply giving everyone glimpses into my somewhat strange and unusual mind. And we all know I’ve covered a rather unique gamut of topics, most especially one very near and dear to my heart…my cursed septic tank. From a city-girl’s initiation to septic tanks, to a septic tank repairman – and his towel wielding wife, to the perfect way to get rid of my daughter’s first boyfriend (little creep!).

I’ve also written plenty of material about our zoo, including an especially fun incident involving an extremely uncooperative cat and liquid charcoal.

But I just really want something that’s for romance. Because I am all about the romance…in books, music, movies, and in most everything I write.  Not 100%, but mostly. What I want to explore, primarily, is what is it that we women are attracted to? What makes a man romantic? A perfect leading man? And even what doesn’t. I think it would be great to learn more about the guys who are covered – head to toe – with red flags.

Don’t forget to check out the tab for my newsletter above. I have some fun, exclusive things in store for those who subscribe to it. And don’t forget to stop in and visit my other blog once in awhile, too.

And now I’m going to kick off my first post on this new site with one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies…starring one of my favorite actors.


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